Why You Should Change Your Locks When Moving

Why You Should Change Your Locks When Moving

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Moving into a new house, condo, townhouse, or even apartments can be very stressful. And when you do move in, you may be sure that there are other people who may have had copies of the keys to the place for some legitimate reason. Where are those key duplicates now? Changing locks when moving to a new place will protect you from any untoward event. It doesn’t matter if you rent or own the place. You need to make sure that you and your loved ones are the only people in the planet with keys to your home. For these purposes, hiring a locksmith like Mesa Locksmith Pros will surely be of help, especially if you are in the area.

If your home is rented, the owner or manager is the one that should be responsible for changing locks in between tenants. Speak with your landlord to find out if there are other people than yourself who may have access to the house, and be clear about who they are. For rented houses, it is common for the owner to have spare keys so that they may enter the place in cases of emergencies. Apartment complexes on the other hand have a lock system that allows maintenance men to use one master key to enter an apartment. Don’t try to change locks without seeking the approval of the landlord. If you move into a condo or townhouse, you may find that many aspects of the property was made to associate with everything within the community, and to preserve the uniformity of appearance within, you may instead have the locks rekeyed. However, if you buy your own home, then the decision of anything about the security of everything within its walls falls solely on you. Locksmith will be able to ensure that you don’t go beyond whatever is required.

Changing locks is essential to your home’s security. No matter where you move, you will find that security of your property must always take precedence. Changing locks will ensure your safety, privacy, and security.

Note that the most important areas in the house to secure are the exterior doors, the door that connects the garage to the main house, and the garage man door, that leads anyone from the outside into the garage.

When moving into a new place, ensure the quality of the lock. They may be old, of poor quality, or even rusty, and because you can’t be sure of its integrity, it will be better if you can maximize your own security by having locks of your choice installed. Another thing is to make sure that you know exactly who has copies of the keys to the house.

Amongst the huge list of items which demand attention, do not forget to change the locks. This is one amongst the most important things to consider while relocating, as overlooking this aspect can cause great damage, both emotionally as well as financially.

There are chances that the previous owners might have retained the duplicate keys with them. Although the former dwellers are expected to surrender the duplicate keys while vacating the house, few home owners tend to keep the duplicate keys with them. In the end, this will not only cause security problem, but will also raise several questions while filing an insurance claim in the near future. Also, there have been instances in the past, wherein the former house owners have committed robbery with the aid of the duplicate keys. All these factors simply magnify the importance of changing the locks when moving to a new place.

While in the process of changing the locks, make sure that you change the locks of very entrance to your home. It’s also advisable to install a deadbolt lock for added security. Do not ignore the garage and basement. These are usually the entry spots for the notorious burglars. In a way, changing the locks will give you a sense of security that your new home keys are not floating all over the place without your slightest knowledge. You can be assured that you have taken the right move towards securing your assets and family members.

Locksmith services can be of great aid when it comes to dealing with security issues. Some of these services have a great client satisfaction reputation. If you hunt around your place, then it won’t be hard for you to find a few reliable locksmith service providers who operate 24/7 catering to all your safety needs. You can contact one of the reliable service providers to change the locks, and to install additional security mechanism in your house for foolproof protection from intruders.

Locksmith service providers offer a range of services which are related to the security of an individual. All you need to do is ensure that you are dialing the digits of a reliable locksmith provider before entering into a deal. When it comes to personal security, one certainly wouldn’t want to take any chances. Most of these providers have their own websites through which they can be easily contacted. One can reach them via email or though phone. They usually have their contact information listed on their website.



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